Jukebox the Ghost - Good Day (RAC Remix)

0:00 - 0:03; 0:15 - 0:17 American Eagle AEO News Now 07/19/13 - Co-Editor
0:03 - 0:08; 0:37 - 0:47; 1:17 - 1:24 Badboxes JSMN Music Video - Director/Editor (VFX Nathan Inglesby)
0:08 - 0:15 Hippie Hip Hop Hipster Hippity Hops - Director/Editor (VFX Nathan Inglesby)
0:15 - 0:19 Black Mass Rising Dead Rising Music Video - Director/Editor
0:19 - 0:20 Punchline at Mr. Smalls 06/02/2013 - Editor
0:20 - 0:23 Train at Stage AE - Shooter/Assistant Editor
0:23 - 0:27 AE Eagle of the Year Awards 2011 - Editor
0:27 - 0:31 Paper Thin - Editor (Dir. Caitlin Magarity, Animation Kris Boban)
0:32 - 0:37 Oneironauts - Editor/VFX (Dir. Caitlin Magarity)
0:47 - 0:58 Shot at Glory - Director/Editor
0:58 - 1:02 Owl City Deer in the Headlights Music Video - 3D Camera Solved. (Directed/Edited by Steve Hoover, VFX Samm Hodges)
1:02 - 1:04 Coopers Tire Ad - Rotoscoped (Animation/Compositing Samm Hodges/Alan Stallard)
1:04 - 1:06 Highmark Commercial - Rotoscoped (Compositing/Tracking Alan Stallard/Jim Kreitzburg)
1:06 - 1:09 Highmark Commercial "Better Days" - Editor
1:09 - 1:14 Highmark Health Tools Behind the Scenes Video - Shooter/Editor
1:14 - 1:17 Bigfoot Roommate Webseries - Director/Editor


Penguin Prison - The Worse It Gets (RAC Remix)

Oneironauts - Dir. Caitlin Magarity - VFX/Editor Joe DeWitt
Hip Hop - Dir./Editor Joe DeWitt - VFX Nathan Inglesby
Paper Thin - Dir. Caitlin Magarity - Editor Joe DeWitt
Bigfoot Roommate - Dir./Editor Joe DeWitt - Animator Kris Boban


Badboxes "JSMN" Music Video
Released August 8th, 2013
An ode to the Pennsylvanian woods. The title track off of Badboxes' EP "JSMN."

Jared McLaughlin's senior thesis from Point Park. Chosen for the Cinema Showcase, Directed by Caitlin Magarity.

Shot at Glory
A short film that brought about a custom Bigfoot costume by Cody Ruch.

Hippie Hip Hop Hipster Hippity Hops
Received 3rd Place at the Dogfish Head Off-Centered Film Festival 2013. The theme was "Hip Hop."

Bigfoot Roommate
A webseries following the every day troubles of sharing a space with a Sasquatch. The full series is located here:


Joe DeWitt is an editor hailing from the east coast, now stationed in Hollywood, CA. He earned his student loans from Point Park University where he studied Cinema and Digital Arts with a concentration in Editing and Sound. He has cut his teeth (and video) at companies such as American Eagle Outfitters and the award winning Animal.

JosephJDeWitt [at] Gmail [dot] com - Download Resume

May 2012 - Present

Killing Winston Jones
Additional Editor - Dir. Joel David Moore

American Eagle Outfitters
Marketing/Corporate Training Videos

Highmark Commercial “Best Days”
Highmark Behind the Scenes
Highmark Sizzle Reel

War Street Studios
Alain Lemieux Hockey Academy Promo
Fukuda Promo (Restaurant)

Bigfoot Roommate
Web Series

P.A.A.R (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape)
CPT Training Videos
FBI Training Videos

Legion Media
Black Mass Rising Music Video
Train California 37 Tour Promo (Assistant Editor)

Punchline (Band)
Discography Documentary
Roller Coaster Smoke Music Video

Short Films
Hip Hop Hippie Hipster Hippity Hops (3rd Place at Dogfish Head Film Festival)
Oneironauts (Point Park Cinema Showcase Selection)
Shot at Glory (3 Rivers Film Festival)

July 2011 - PRESENT
MTO Productions
Train - California 37 Tour Video

July 2011 - December 2011
Jack Reacher (Dir. Christopher McQuarrie)
Dark Knight Rises (Dir. Christopher Nolan)
Nationwide PSA - “7 Days” (Animal - Dir. Samm Hodges)
Dick’s Sporting Goods Online Ad - “Pittsburgh Marathon 2013”

April 2011 - August 2011
Animal - Assistant editor/VFX editor

August 2008 - May 2012

Point Park University Pittsburgh, PA
Bachelor of Cinema and Digital Arts (Editing & Sound Concentration)
Graduated summa cum laude


Final Cut Studio 7
Avid Media Composer
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop